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Online consultation with Advisor Aphrodite - Astrology and Alchemy in New York City today. 1 years of practicing of Alchemy.

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Use my knowledge and experience that will take you to the path you are meant to be on. Allow me to bring peace in your life and show you what the true connection of having an open path to your future.

I am Aphrodite and I have shown countless people the path that God wants them to be on but have walked away from for over 20 years. I am a 3rd generation God-gifted natural born psychic. The relationships we make will not sculpt our lives, but they will sculpt our environment. Let me show you how to make your life into a work of art as it was intended to be so that you can have your happily ever after.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been helping others find love for 20 years and have been learning to focus properly for 25 years. I have done spell-work, removals, cleansings, balancings and can give meditation lessons. Over 20 years I have not ran into a problem I couldn't find a proper solution to. You will not be the first


20 years of experience helping others to find happiness.

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