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Within Your Unique Aura and Vibrational Energy Lie the Answers to All of Your Questions!

I am a natural Intuitive and Empathic, Psychic Energy, (Aura) Reader. I have always been blessed with the natural capacity to see and read the latent energies that surround us all. This gift has led me to assist many others in making better, and informed decisions regarding relationships, health, career, love, and many other important questions that can benefit from my natural insights. While science has demonstrated that there are many potential paths in life that we can walk upon, my talents enable me to help steer you onto the best of these many paths. While it is, in the end, your choice where you will go in life; know that you are always blessed with the power to change your mind, and walk along a different path. I have put my talents into furthering my scholarship in the area of intuitive/empathic research; and am a prolific author on these and similar subjects. Seek me out for answers you cannot get anywhere else.

Experience & Qualifications

Independent MetaPhysical Researcher, 22years. Hubpages Author of Several Timely and Relevant Articles. Ordained Humanist since 2009. Master Spirit Oracle---To View My Latest Writings-Google---eonswa.hubpages.com--- Disclaimer: Eon Swa does not give legal, financial or medical advice to clients. The client is ultimately responsible for any decisions regarding relationships, career, health, and any other area based on the expert advice offered.


Baccalaureate degree in Liberal Arts with majors in Psychology, Sociology, Economics

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