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I navigate people using "decoded" system to bridge theology and science, included Templar knowledge of time reversal magic, sexual alchemy, personal transformation.

If you wish to understand -"borderline" of matter - time manipulation and many other important subjectS I am here to give you insight. This knowledge not anymore for "selected" clubs, societies, circles. Its not an easiest learning, but I will guide you through it. I am not limited to personal coaching of real elements of Ceremonial Magical Art, you my ask me ANY question, including about other people you wish to understand, my mind working by scanning thousand bit of information a minute and can produce very interesting results. Your life quest, your health, children, best mates, love, sex, love triangle to name a few… To save your time and money, I am not taking your phone minutes, but give you short report via email or live chat.

Experience & Qualifications

How I am different? I tend not to predict future only, but to turn your future into optimum outcome. About me: Remote viewer, mentalist who explores a possible meaning of higher dimensional source of information. Breaking “codes” of any sort became my life journey, which formalized in alternative descriptive system of our potential capabilities to bridge science and theology. Today I am investing my psychic talent in many mysterious areas with a higher degree of documented success.


Advance psychic viewing, Business degree, Personal Coaching,

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